Saturday, 15 June 2013


About 20 years ago I had to have a hysterectomy.  At such a young age I was advised to have an HRT implant.  I must admit that following my operation and taking HRT my life and well being has increased considerably.

Every 6 months I see my consultant and have a top up implant and also have a breast examination. Every 18 months I have a mammogram. So I am well monitored!  Of course I had the concerns most women have about using HRT and certainly some of the negative articles  over the years have made me reassess from time to time.  However my consultant has always provided me with good realistic advice and I have continued to feel the benefits.

 I have found this recent article in The Telegraph reassuring. It talks about the benefit/risks and about recent research which provides a different perspective on that which has gone before

Not that this positive news provides room for complacency - I still believe we have to remain vigilant and monitoring is vital if you are taking HRT longer term as I am.

This is very much an individual choice and you have to conduct your own research and seek advice.
On balance I feel that so long as I can minimise the risks in terms of monitoring, diet and exercise I feel more or less comfortable with continuing with the treatment.

What is your experience of taking HRT?