Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Matter of Perspective!

Yesterday I went to see my cousin who lives in Sheffield.  Last week she suffered a stroke. This in itself is shocking and caused so much distress to all - most to her.  Thankfully she is doing well but she also was quite realistic about the need to make sure diet and exercise are the mantra.

Judy is a wonderful person who we all love. She has been a nurse for so many years. I remember being in awe of her - she is 7 years older - her starched uniform and trim waist, her excitement at going to work.  I can truly say she had a vocation.  She retired 10 yrs ago at 60 having worked full time as a sister in the NHS and then latterly as Matron of a care home.  She has always had good press as caring and practical. She has often lamented at the decline of standards.

In my book she is one of life's true saints - I truly hope she is motivated to continue to fight and keep well - we need more people like her!