Saturday, 21 June 2014

Fatal Attraction!!

It seems to have been a particularly busy week, don't know why ....just life I suppose!

A highlight however was going to see Fatal Attraction at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Many of us have seen the film version with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close which left a lasting impression on all of us.  This generated the familiar expression of "bunny boiler" - an incident which still makes me shudder.

The play promised to have a different twist at the end and we were really interested in this and also as to how this story would work on a stage. Natascha McElhone played the role of Alex Forest beautifully.  We were only 4 rows back in the stalls and we really felt part of it.  Natascha played the role of the femme fatale  who changed dramatically into the threatening character which strives to control and eventually destroy her lover.  

Mark Bazeley was convincing as the straying husband who loved his wife and yet couldn't resist a one night stand.  We watched as he started to appreciate the destructive nature of the relationship and then couldn't prevent its inevitable conclusion.

His wife was played by "Sex in the City" Kristin Davis - she was the epitome of sweetness and motherhood and apple pie and of course a complete contrast to the character of Alex.

By the end I think we and the people around us were nervous wrecks.  The whole situation was plausible and unstoppable and had a nasty ending which I won't share as you may want to see it.

It was even better than the film and as the man sitting next to me commented on leaving......"Should be compulsory viewing for all married men"