Thursday, 26 June 2014


I don't spend all of my spare time at the Theatre although just lately it seems so!

Yesterday we went to see Skylight at the Wyndham Theatre and it is described very well in this review.

The big names almost always guarantee a full audience and even at the matinee we attendedthis was the case. Although we enjoyed the play it did require a great deal of concentration.  I was often distracted by Bill Nighy walking erratically around the stage almost in a robotic fashion.  There was also the disconnect of the age difference between the actors. Bill Nighy looked much older than his 64 years and Carey Mulligan looks much younger than her 29 years making the likelihood of a liaison implausible.

However both injected a great deal of emotion into the doomed relationship and there were some very good lines which we all could relate to.............

Certainly worth seeing and we did discuss it endlessly over our meal on that basis alone it must have been good!