Thursday, 5 June 2014

Newark and Wolf Hall!

Well we are all on tenterhooks awaiting the outcome of the Newark election....well some of us are :)
While the wait goes on we are all subject to silly stories in the press today as the media struggle to find suitable copy to fill the void of speculation.

So I thought it would be useful to share our great experience of seeing Wolf Hall at the Aldwych yesterday. Here we had a strong parallel with present day politics. There was a bit of everything going on and this is what this is why this period of history is so compelling.

The story is well told - the courtship of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn whilst Katherine of Aragon was still Queen;  the meteoric rise of Thomas Cromwell  from humble beginnings  ................

Thomas Cromwell was played by the excellent Ben Miles. Such a challenging role in many many words and being on stage most of the time. Miles was very convincing as the intelligent "fixer" who manoeuvred himself into a position of strength, exercising practical solutions whilst being fully aware of his vulnerability in the political arena and also with a contrary monarch.
Miles' performance was equally good in "Bring Up the Bodies" which I have reported on previously. This book continues the tale of Henry and Anne Boleyn, his subsequent disenchantment and his  clinical disposal of his second wife whilst moving on to the next. 

We were delighted to have the author, Hilary Mantel,  in the audience and she must have been gratified at the rapturous applause this production received.

Politics in those days was far more brutal and the consequences of actions were quickly dealt with dispassionate executions.

However many of the human drivers apparent then are often seen today.......power, greed, control, protection, fear, compassion, beliefs, duty, honour.............all candidates today will be trying to convince the electorate of their worth and their principles and values and policies.

Nothing really changes. Motives and agendas are not always apparent as we seek to fulfil our dreams and ambitions.

So we await Newark decision and the political justifications which undoubtedly will follow.......