Friday, 27 June 2014

Bargain Buys!

Retirement has meant that my husband and I can indulge our hobbies and shared interests to the full.  As many of you who follow my blog will know that politics feature very heavily in our lives and the older we get the more time we have to follow our favourite programmes, newspapers and bloggers.We do get some relief from this with our many visits to the theatre and also with our love of gardening.

One interest which is really really mine is my passion for clothes....I am sure its in my genes! My husband pretends to moan about the wardrobes bulging but he quite likes it really.

Recently my 5 year old granddaughter was watching me as I was putting away the ironing and asked me if these were all my clothes and I said yes and she lamented that my husband didn't have much space. Then very matter of factly said "I think you should stop buying"! We all had a laugh about this and I began thinking this was a conspiracy.

I have shared some of the designer sites with you but still look in the high street too.  Last week I was shopping with my daughter and called in Phase Eight.  This brand has always had a distinctive style and designs. As she chose an outfit I browsed throughout the sale items.  I found two great items which do not break the bank!

This  would you believe is  a tee shirt with appliqué.  It is easy to wear and looks good - real quality. For such an item it is not expensive in the first place at £69.  In the sale this is £34.50!! 

This dress is a little like a tee shirt dress - simply pull on - no zips, pretty design, well made and quite expensive looking! You can use for every day - originally priced at £79  now £59!

For us seniors price is right and also up to date and flattering.  When I was coaching people on business matters conversations strayed into fashion in leisure moments.  Many despaired at the lack of suitable clothing - I would argue that there are items out there but you do have to know yourself and what suits you - many of these inexpensive items can be dressed up as day wear and business wear depending on accessories.  Certainly this dress falls into this category. It is a matter of giving a little more thought to the combination of clothing items to give the best look.

Have fun shopping!!!