Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Waist!

Well Christmas lunch is over and you start to wonder what was that all about? All that preparation and the event is over so quickly. We had a lovely enjoyable Christmas gathering with good humoured family and friends. We all managed to be comfortably full without being parsimonious.  I am more and more convinced that people are starting to be more sensible about food and have more normal sized portions of food.  Nothing worse than that awful bloated feeling when indulging to excess.  Nevertheless there is still a day of reckoning now! Despite being sensible we have all taken in more calories than we normally do and this will have impact on our waists. Delicious crispy roast potatoes soaking in goose fat are too good to be missed and why not enjoy on this special occasion - the problem occurs when you enjoy so much it becomes the norm.  

It is lovely to get the family together and to catch up on the year.  Catering for 11 is always a challenge and its almost like a Project Management task...fortunately everything worked liked clockwork but my back and legs really ached with the kitchen prep.  A labour of love!

Fascinating to see the younger generation and to hear of their plans and successes. We had a particularly fascinating insight into the innocence of children with my grand daughter who was not only  looking forward to Father Christmas and toys but also the added bonus of the tooth fairy!! We had an interesting discussion as to whether Father Christmas could bring the money for the tooth and save the fairy having to make the journey :)

My husband said the Union wouldn't allow it ...put a man out of a job! ....or a woman ...  :)