Monday, 28 December 2015

Healthier Options!

Having Christmas out of the way ...well sort of .....the TV is carrying loads of ads on holidays and of course dieting.

I noticed new people at the gym yesterday.  It is always the way as majority fall by the wayside but at least a small proportion do follow through,  changing habits for better healthier ones.

Along the line of healthier habits......

we visited relatives yesterday and we talked about the recent "gadgets" we had bought and if any of them were any good. The one I came up with which is linked to the dieting game is the Actifry.

I can truly say that we really enjoy this appliance as you can indulge yourselves on favourites without having excessive fat.  Chips particularly are unbelievable - chop potatoes into chips, add 1/2 tbs oil close the lid switch forget about them after programming for about 50 mins. Result crispy low calorie chips!

Salmon steaks  (no added oil) cook in about 15 mins and are cooked to perfection and you don't get the mess.  The innards all go in dishwasher.

We bought ours from Amazon but it can be bought from most department stores....and its sale time!!

This Christmas I used it as an extra aid as oven was fully utilised.....parsnips best we have ever had!!