Friday, 18 December 2015

Love love love cooking Christmas lunch!!

This year in the run up to Christmas ... has been that I have had the most persistent cold and cough which has left me feeling so drained. I know it is doing the rounds but this is no consolation and it annoys me that it has prevented me from doing so many extra things I wanted to do...

Having ranted I still have done most of my prep for Christmas.  I love getting my children together and cooking for them. I know this will not go on forever and so it is even more important for me to make the most of every year.
Christmas lunch is just a glorified extension of the normal Sunday lunch...if you don't cook or don't want to ...I can understand why this occasion may not be so enjoyable.

There are always more attendees ... this year I have a dozen for lunch which is about the norm for us. I prepare well in advance ...the things I can do ahead I do and freeze and organise logistics in an almost project management  mentality. It works!! Reduce Stress levels!!
If you convince yourself its going to be a problem then it is going to be a problem, depends on your personality profile ...what you can do and what presents an overwhelming challenge.
There is nothing better for a mum  to feel they are still providing for  and nurturing their brood and long may it last.  I love to see the delight on the faces of all when one dish after another emerges and even more gratifying that my hard working children enjoy a period of respite when mum takes over... it is like turning back the clock and I realise I am so lucky.

This week I heard a little anecdote about  a family who are not materially blessed but disputed who would cook Christmas lunch ...
Large number of family members  decided to have lunch at  a local hotel.... and are paying £112 per head!!!... I don't know about you but there is no way even if I had that kind of money would I indulge to this extent!  I did ask if this included accommodation and drinks...the answer no!!!  Are people mad?

This is a lovely time , a time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and a chance to still be the  lynchpin of your family which hopefully they will fondly remember when you are long gone...