Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Obesity in Later Life......

Its New Year Resolution time and for many a diet plan will be included in the list! Hopefully the good intentions will not fall by the wayside.

We are all fighting the ageing process. For many,  they pass through the journey relatively unscathed healthwise others are less fortunate.
Doesn't it make sense to do everything we can not to contribute to our downfall?
Evidence shows excess weight can do to our bodies in terms of mobility, pressure on joints, circulation and conditions such as diabetes.........and yet people who should know better continue to eat for the sake of eating.

  • Women aged 65+: 32% are of normal BMI, 32% ‘overweight’, and 34% ‘obese’. For men this age: only 16% are within normal BMI, 54% are overweight, and 31% obese 

The vast number of seriously obese passengers on our cruise ship last Sept was really disturbing. This wasn't about people enjoying their holiday and indulging themselves, it was more about feeding a habit. I have mentioned before a typical scenario of individuals piling their plates with pasta, chips and a bread rolls. It's something we would not have believed had we not seen with our own eyes. They then ask for help carrying their trays as their mobility is impaired. They wheeze and gasp with the effort of walking short distances. Whatever the underlying causes for this self destruction it really does have to be addressed. With an ageing population we need to stop ignoring the obesity problem and to be honest about how serious this is........and spell out the consequences of prolonging this kind of behaviour.

Help is provided in our already in our overstretched NHS. Families and friends can also do their bit by eating healthier together and providing a support group. Maybe join a slimming club if you can't find willing family and friends?

Portion control, the right healthier choices and not buying items which play to your weaknesses is a start.

Action not words! 

2015 saw friends losing 2/3/4 stones in weight - they feel better, some of their weight induced ailments have gone away and they look younger and have a new lease of life!!

With many of us living longer we all would like to feel we also have vitality and health to go along with our longevity! So what are you waiting for? :)