Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Barking in Essex!

Last week my husband and I went to see "Barking in Essex" at the Wyndham Theatre.  We had been warned in advance by friends that there is a lot of lets say choice language and we were not disappointed!!! We didn't really know what to expect and we were pleasantly surprised as to how enjoyable this play turned out to be..... essentially a silly, farcical with lots of British humour and excellent acting from all the cast.

The reason why I am singling out this play more than others is down to the truly magnificent Sheila Hancock.  This statuesque lady is now 80 years old but it hard to accept that she is this age.  She has extremely good posture and a great figure and wonderful cheekbones.  She is someone who seems to regard age as just a number and continues to work in energetic roles despite having had major illnesses.  What a fighter and an inspiration for women of all ages.  Lesson for us not to talk yourself old!  Keeping fit and active must be her mantra!