Monday, 14 October 2013

Just a minute......

Just been watching Nicholas Parsons on the Alan Titmarsh Show.  Absolutely amazing - he is now 90 years old and as sharp and as witty and as clued up as ever. Although I must say in his earlier career he was perceived as quite irritating however he has experienced what could be called a rehabilitiation and a renaissance.

He is probably most well known now for chairing "Just a Minute" on Radio 4. This presents a challenge for him as he explained as he has to control some very intelligent and quick witted individuals and keep up with them.  His combination of humour and sarcasm is just right as he makes the whole experience fun.

He said that he will continue working until the public give up on him as what else would he do.  He went on to say he treats the brain as a muscle and needs to be exercised in order to stay in good shape - what brilliant advice for all of us!

What really makes him happy at 90 ?  Work, family and his garden............

Lessons to be learned for all of us!!