Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Way To A Man's Heart........

In these health conscious days having puddings and cakes is a rare indulgence. I am fortunate that I don't really care for sweet things - my weaknesses are crisps and nuts, although the former isn't healthy and the latter is laden with calories.

My husband loves all the puds and cakes but I ration him to try and save him from himself!  A couple of days ago he said he would really like a lemon meringue pie and seeing as he gave me the pleading puppy dog look I relented.  Here is the result!

When I had finished it and admired my handiwork, I remembered a comment someone made to me years ago. I had prepared a lavish spread for work colleagues and one of them asked if I had cooked it myself with just a touch of sarcasm.  I said I had and she said "you cook........?!"

Now her exclamation could be taken in different ways....did she think I wasn't capable .......or was it that I was such a busy person I wouldn't have time...... I chose the less contentious assumption and smiled sweetly.

Maybe this capability, wannability assumption around career women had its inspiration from Shirley Conran's book "Superwoman" which she wrote in the 1970's.  This book was aimed at busy career women. Some of her comments were very much "tongue in cheek" but left a lasting impression.  Here are a couple of her quotes.

"Life's too short to stuff a mushroom"

"I make no secret of the fact that I would rather lie on a sofa than sweep under it"

As a full time working mum I always cooked and cleaned myself and dare I say I actually enjoyed it. At weekends I would regularly cook meals to freeze so that there wouldn't be any problem in the week with preparing meals if I was late for any reason.

Now I am retired I  spend more time cooking for the people I love.......and I assure you I am not turning into a Stepford wife!!