Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Combatting Tears!!

As you get older apparently it is quite common to have "watery eyes".
Sumptuous Extreme

I must confess it is something I have always been aware of even when I was young.  Could be the wind, cold weather and lack of sleep which triggers it for me.

Not really a problem except when wearing eye 
makeup - and I really like eye makeup - hangup from the "sixties"!

Here are two items I have bought recently from Estee Lauder.  These two have been life savers in my fight against damage done by watery eyes - the mascara is waterproof but still has the build up of non waterproof and you can really get a "sweep"!!
Cost £22

The eyeliner - Double Wear/zero smudge easy to apply and most importantly stays put!
Cost £21

So no longer do I look like sooty!

I bought on line and got free postage and a couple of free samples.......... I know they are expensive but in this case I think you get what you pay for.  I have tried others in the past but they weren't as effective.

Have you tried any other successful alternative eye makeup??  Love to hear from you and especially older travellers :-)

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