Monday, 30 December 2013

end of another year!!!

OK…Christmas officially over,  time to examine the state of mind….state of body……lets start with the latter….

Over the last couple of days at the gym we have had the usual influx of new people at our gym.  Over the past 30 years the gyms I have belonged  to - I have seen the same pattern emerge.  Conscience driven individuals decide at this time of year to take stock and be proactive - admirable.  The downside to this is that really overweight people embrace an unrealistic schedule. I see large men and women exercising using equipment as if they are being chased by a pack of hounds.  After 10 minutes many give up sweating profusely and looking decidedly ill.  They then talk with friends exchanginging thoughts on how hard they are working and disappear to the refreshment area where they have a full strength latte…..

I am not trying to be self righteousness but realistic. To sustain any sensible exercise plan you have to know yourself and develop a programme which works for you. The secret is then to make sure you can establish a regular routine which realistically can form part of your lifestyle.

From my experienced observations February marks the decline of the number of new December members who say things like "its a waste of time".  What they need to realise is that there is no quick fix.  Don't kid yourself that you are working hard - 10 minutes of little effort is not a workout!  Talk to the trainers at your gym and work out a regime which will work for you no matter how small…..a little and often will work wonders …..