Friday, 20 December 2013

welcome present!

We had a delightful meal with my son and his girlfriend Wednesday evening in Notting Hill.  It was a small homely Italian venue - excellent food - only downside was that we had to pay cash……..

Afterwards we exchanged presents……but before I expand on this…. just a few comments on logistics which I am sure will strike a chord with everyone…...

Christmas presents challenges for all families in terms of who you go to on Christmas Day.  My daughter and her boyfriend for years split in 2 directions for Christmas to spend time with their respective families.  This was not at the insistence of either set of parents but something emotionally both children wanted to do.  Now we have Christmas Eve and Day with me and Boxing Day and the next couple of days with her husband's family.

With my son he is still going through the arrangement of Christmas Eve with me and Christmas lunch and Susie goes to her mum. I love having my son her but also feel for his girlfriend. Again I have never insisted and I know there will come a time when things will be different.

My daughter who has a 4 and 2 year old has also subtly talked about them having Christmas at their home one year…….  my view is that you go with the flow we are all reasonable people and will sort out so that we all feel comfortable.  The trouble is for all families is that we all want to be together. For the moment we just need to get through this Christmas :) and worry about the future ones later !

Must be wonderful if you have an enormous house and can accommodate all!

Getting back to presents Susie wanted to see my face as I opened her present to me…… I was absolutely delighted with her choice as she knows I like to have very feminine  unusual things in my handbag………………

What I found particularly endearing is that the present showed that she really knows me and even more importantly….she cares…….. just perfect!!!

so here is my new stylish designer pen !!  It is