Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Works Do!!

When you retire you no longer have the dubious pleasure of the "works do". However my husband and I always ensure we do something for us which reflects a more appealing substitute for this.

So our Christmas present to each other this year was to go to the Royal Opera House to see Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet which we did last night.

We can honestly say that of all the many productions we have seen in London, theatre, opera and ballet - this particular one was the best.

The Royal Opera House never disappoints anyway - it has such style and sophistication and enjoyment.

The Ballet was in 3 Acts, The scenery and costumes were second to none.  The dancing was superb. The story telling in dance of the tragic young couple was so moving and emotional. The first Act in  particular with Prokofiev's dramatic music heightened the tensions and feelings - this called for my husband producing yet more tissues for me!! At the end of the evening we felt elated and very satisfied. This topped with a great meal ended a perfect occasion.