Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Planning for the future!!

At this time of year you start to wonder what the next will bring.  I am quite amazed at the actions taken by some of my friends who have taken positive action to challenge themselves.

Jennifer has just celebrated her 70th birthday and has been working under VSO in Tanzania since September on a 2 year assignment.  She is looking to make a real difference to make sure that others benefit from her expertise and skills from her working life which she continued until her late 60s. She has always follow a healthy lifestyle, is slim and young in mind.  To her, her age is just a number and it is how fit you are and how sharp the mind - both of which are work in progress ……..

Trish has returned to University to do a Masters in Eng Literature at the age of 62.  Although she has always held responsible positions until fairly recently she still feels like the "new girl" - as she said to me a little like "Educating Rita" with all these bright young things around you thinking great thoughts……

She will not be deterred!!!

Your positive friends bring out the best in you and provide inspiration for you to look forward. Everything is possible. Getting older does not mean you can't experience new things!