Wednesday, 18 December 2013

so much to do……..

Well Christmas is nearly here and preparations are well under way!  Decorations are up, presents mostly wrapped and final food list ready to buy!

To think we do all this for really one day, although I appreciate some extend this period and continue feasting!!.  We cater for 12 - something I really enjoy having my family around me and sharing anecdotes past and present.
My 2 little grandchildren are so excited and still appreciate Father Christmas and can't wait for Christmas morning and their presents.  I used to love this time with my own children and with your grandchildren you can experience it all over again.

Then the follow up  visiting relatives and delivering presents  which in itself is hectic and challenging with so many people having the same idea heading for the motorways.

The one day in all this melee that my husband and I appreciate is Boxing Day which is our day.  We really enjoy all the festivities on either side of this date but there is something very special about total relaxation and quietness and time just for the two of us. We savour the comfortable silence and potter around doing nothing in particular - heaven :)