Friday, 24 January 2014

A cup of tea…………...

Do you think that the habit or predilection for drinking tea is down to nature or nature….

Certainly in our family we seem to drink an excessive amount. So comforting and satisfying. However we all have our favourite teas and I know that when we travel abroad the one think I really crave is a cup of home brew!
It was no surprise today when my daughter sent me photos of her son my grandson making pretend tea.  He has done this for quite a while but today even more so as he received a kettle as a present and he was over the moon and of course had to test it out!  Looks like he has poured several cups - he knows the demands of his audience!

Tea has helped me, friends and family providing a vehicle for conversations and confidences. It provides an excuse for a gathering.  

Even the after dinner coffee has been increasingly replaced by tea! 
Harmless pleasures!