Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Secret Eaters…………..

I love dieting programmes so much so that my husband thinks its an obsession.  My response is that its harmless and might do us all some good!

One of my favourites is "Secret Eaters" on Channel 4. This is fronted by Anna Richardson who is very diplomatic when addressing the issues and helping to deliver sound advice.

The overweight participants agree to have 24 hours surveillance over a week to examine their eating habits. Each programme follows a similar format where individuals claim quite genuinely that they are eating sensibly and not over indulging.

Sadly just like all of us we tend to under estimate our consumption. The odd snack, the portion size, the takeaway, the extra meal………
The results are amazing!!

The programme also provides some useful tips on how to exercise control which are common sense points which have stuck in my mind….. I don't want to mention them as they need to be seen in context. The psychology and science behind them is fascinating.

It really is worth a look and you can watch on demand.

Give it a try!!!