Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Resolutions!!!

I have started to meet the challenges of my resolutions.  I decided to define them over 3 months and then review as I feel it is unrealistic to take them beyond this timeline.
Bearing in mind the overall considerations to be taken into account in my last post….here are my objectives……

  1. Health - keep up 4/5 trips per week to the gym; maintain weight by monitoring weight weekly; keep alcohol consumption to weekends
  2. Beauty - cleanse face nightly - sometimes get lazy at doing this properly; 
  3. Wardrobe - clothes cull on items not worn for 2 years 
  4. Hobbies - complete 3 oil portraits; update blog every 2/3 days
Not an extensive list I know but not meant to be as in this way there is a chance of ticking the boxes at the end of 3 months!

Have you decided on your resolutions?