Monday, 13 January 2014

Friendship Matters…..

Last week I had lunch with two of my closest friends. Something we don't do as often as we would like but somehow the time in between doesn't diminish the bond. Our friendship stretches back over 25 years.  We originally worked together and then over time we took different paths but somehow we managed to keep up regular contact. Every meeting is as if we had never been apart - the humour, the repartee and the anecdotes.  We have such a richness of shared history that we draw comfort from each other during the challenging times and we also celebrate the good ones.

Jayne, in the middle,  celebrated her 50th birthday at Christmas which makes her the baby of our trio.  We gave her some flowers and so she wanted to record the occasion - hence the photo.  Can't believe how time has passed and that she has now reached this landmark!

There was also another cause for celebration as Nilum on the left has finished her treatment. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about the this time last year.  Since then she has had an op, chemo and radiotherapy. She has always been quite inspirational and practical.  

Family is important but also our friends.  In our busy lives we seldom have time to cover the ground but recent events have brought into sharp relief what is important.

So we look forward to many more lunches and discussions comfortable in the knowledge that whatever the topic we feel totally comfortable with sharing with each other ….with those you love and trust!