Monday, 17 March 2014

Body Shape - the desirable "S"

I was lucky enough to have a fantastic lecturer at St Martins who was teaching the human form and he explained about the "S shape" in fashion - a desirable shape which is aesthetically appealing.

The desirable shape is one which gently skirts the human form following the line of the breasts  down crossing a slim waist before sweeping across the rounded hip.  For the back follow the neck sweeping to the left around the shoulder down to the curve of the slim waist and and then following the left contour in the painting of the hip.

There aren't many who have this perfect shape and so that is why we create an illusion with the way we dress to create this utopian state.

So the start is being honest with yourself. Stand in front of a mirror - naked or in your underwear, depending how brave you are feeling and consider your shape. Maybe ask for the assistance of your partner when trying to decide on your best features and then those you wish to disguise.

To help you I have sketched out some well known referenced body types.

Apple                            Pear                                Hourglass                    Rectangle      Inverted Triangle                 Diamond

Of course you don't look like a cartoon….but you will start to see some similarities and you can decide …."which is the one I most identify with….?"

Next post I will expand on some of the characteristics of these body shapes and whether you still think you have chosen the right shape for you!!