Thursday, 6 March 2014

Weight - implementation !

When my friend read my post about the food I eat she pointed out that I hadn't mentioned soup!!  How could I?  Maybe its the feeling that winter is over and I am moving onto to spring like food?

Anyway it prompted me to make a batch as I had ingredients which would fit the bill.  Soup is so simple, hearty, cheap, filling and can be low in calories.

I have just quickly made asparagus soup -

one onion
bunch of asparagus
chicken stock cube
one large potato to thicken
salt and pepper

Simmer until cooked and tender and then liquidise - splash of Lea & Perrins and thats it!!

So what is difficult about that? Took a matter of minutes to prepare! Other favourites…carrot and coriander; butternut squash, chicken…..all delicious!

So to lose weight it is a matter of sticking to a sensible diet,and watching portion size. Try not to weigh yourself everyday even though it is very tempting - it can be disheartening - try every week at the same time.  When the scale starts to move to a lower number,  motivation increases.

Prepare your food and have regular meals don't allow yourself to starve otherwise you will have little energy and feel ravenous!!
Occupy your time so that you resist temptation.

Just think about the summer ahead and the new you who may be able to revisit some of those really tight clothes you have abandoned!

Exercise and toning also very important generally and especially when dieting….more tomorrow!