Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Diet for Life!

Thank you for your emails and suggestions - please feel free to post them on my blog so everyone can see comments - they can be anonymous!!
Here are some of your tips…..

  • don't buy tempting food - don't have it in the house!
  • keep busy……I read recently that a popular computer game had become a slimming aid as people became so engrossed that they forgot about food and didn't have time to put items in their mouths…  maybe instead you could occupy yourselves which have a longer lasting benefit - like clearing out old clothes, cleaning out a cupboard?
  • Buy a diet plate - this is an item I have mentioned before which helps with having the right quantities of protein, carbohydrate and veg  and also with portion control……have a look at this one…….
  • Watch the alcohol consumption -
Hope  some of the points I have raised  may help to motivate you to have a go at achieving your ideal weight?

My diet works for me and is my way of life.  I am not saying this is for everyone but it works for me and also makes me feel well. Here are some examples

Breakfast - fruit - oranges segments, grapes and sometimes melon and cups of tea

Lunch - small amount of protein about the size of my palm e.g chicken, fish (I cook both in the oven) and lots of veg such as broccoli, sprouts, beans.  Often have stir fry as well with just a spray of oil for frying

Dinner - kidney bean, chick peas and choriso curry with very small portion of boiled rice with loads of veg.

Oily fish and seafood also feature heavily in my diet.  I eat fruit liberally.  This means regular visits to local market.

I aim for 1500-1800 calories a day which maintains my weight at 10st 7 lbs, I am 5ft 8ins tall. I am not a snacker and not too bothered about puddings and sweet things…..but I love nuts and crisps and white wine and indulge at weekends.  

I always cook my own food in this way I know exactly what I am eating and the calories!!

I would like to be half a stone lighter but you have to be realistic….at 18 I was 8st 4lbs…….. when you get into your senior years you realise that you do need to make sure you eat sensibly and have a reasonable weight unlike those heady days of youth!!