Monday, 31 March 2014

Stripey Issues

Following on from last post - here is another example of a modestly priced optical illusion dress from Next at £38 - disguises a multitude of sins and creates the ideal shape!

This article tends to show M & S in a poor light and I must admit that I have moved from a previous endorsement I am also one of those who feels that this time M & S have got it wrong. Clothing should be aspirational not functional we need to be enthralled and be transported into a world of novel attractive images which we can emulate. This time their marketing and clothes have missed the objective.

On another tack why are there so many stripes around? Why do so many people who want to disguise a large top, whether they are just seriously overweight or who have a large bust, insist on wearing horizontal stripes which create an even larger mass! If you want to create a diminished top then the stripes should be vertical…? I can't understand why some magazines are still promoting horizontal stripes for the most inappropriate audience. Have a good look at your wardrobe and ask your most valued honest friend or relative to provide you with a critique of your wardrobe choices… and after you have got over the shock be prepared to take on board some of the comments!

I am 5ft 8ins tall and although I hated this when I was in my teens and early twenties height does have some advantages - clothes tend to drape well over a taller frame.
If you are say 5ft to 5ft 4ins then you do have to consider some of the rules we mentioned before in terms of creating an illusion and playing up or down of top or bottom.  If you place a line across the body at the waist you shorten the overall image so maybe disregard what has gone before and keep to one colour which provides an illusion of vertical length - don't attempt to accessorise with a belt!!

By identifying the dos and don'ts we all arrive at a style of clothing which works!!