Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dressing to Suit!!

If you are an apple or one of the other shapes where you do not feel you have a defined waist then you create the illusion of one.  In the last 2/3 years there have been many versions of a panel  dress which seeks to provide a curvier shape.  Kate Winslet I think wore the first one and then there have been many others since who have followed.

Here is one of the more recent ones I have found which is a little more complicated but nevertheless follows these principles.

This is by Antonio Beradi,  reduced to £484 from £1210

This is expensive but there many cheaper items on other sites and your local department stores.

If you are larger on the hips than the top then the rule is to wear dark colours at the bottom and light at the top. you may want the lighter top part more detailed to draw attention to this area and away from the bottom.  Maybe lace, a pattern and could even be horizontal stripes to attract attention at the top

Example to be found on

This dress is £85 reduced from £170

W118 by Walter Baker

If you are big at the top and small on the hips like an inverted triangle then this one might work for you
- dark at the top with a little interest and……. light at the bottom with a peplum, which you can make the most of with your shape

Jason Wu was £3130 down to £939 at Outnet.

Bit steep for my budget but it does give the general idea!

A real no no for a larger bust you wish to disguise - horizontal stripes - more about these later.

More in next post including "height matters", stripes and dress and skirt lengths …but before I go…...

You may have seen the medical reports in the press which talked about obesity and how best to assess if you need to lose weight. We have relied on BMI and other measures which tend to be complicated and difficult to understand and calculate.  This week an alternative was  outlined -a very simple way of deciding if you need to do something…… just using the tape measure!!

"Men with waists of more than 40 inches and women with waist measurements of more than 35 inches are at an incredibly high risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

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