Saturday, 4 October 2014

Autumn Comfort Food....

While we were way last week we had to eat was enjoyable but we reflected on the fact that we really didn't eat much veg. We felt quite uncomfortable and we realised that our normal eating pattern had been compromised.  Sometimes though you need to be less good than usual and let your hair down but my husband and I felt we couldn't do this long term.

When I was working and travelling a great deal it was a work of art trying to find things on the menu which would be healthy, satisfy my hunger and not have too many calories.

With my last blog I talked about obesity and I have had mails saying that people can't afford to eat healthily.  I really challenge this.  The couple in the hotel I mentioned must have had some funds to stay in the hotel.  There were healthier options and not unattractive options but the woman I mentioned chose  not to opt for them.

If we are talking about day to day meals again it is a nonsense you can eat healthy and it is probably cheaper than buying prepared meals.

Take today I prepared a large pan pan carrot and coriander soup....onion, carrots, stock, coriander (fresh or dried) salt + pepper  on hob for 20 mins liquidise serves at least 8 people, very filling and nutritional ....cost £1.50  calories v low

I also cooked batch of fish pies ....contained salmon, cod, smoked haddock home made white sauce fish stock cube, mashed potatoes salt + pepper  cost under £6 for 5 pies

All ingredients from Lidl!!

Next bleat is I don't have the time....before I retired and when the children were young I spent a couple of hours at the weekend making meals to freeze for the week - I was always determined that the children would not lose out because I had to go to work - meals were great, provided wholesome cost effective ingredients and I knew what had gone into them and that they were not eating rubbish. It really was not a big deal!  People watch cookery programmes showing how to do the everyday simple cheap meals and regard it as entertainment rather than a way of life to follow.

People look for excuses it is a matter of knowing the cooking basics which I learned at my mothers knee and applying yourself.  If you don't know how to book basics theres lots of help out there. If you think it is a big problem it probably will be........