Friday, 3 October 2014

Highlights from Conservative Conference.......

Since we came back from Birmingham we have said how tired we are ......maybe it is our age but we think it was also about concentration, great conversations and the socialising ....

Then this morning we saw David Cameron in Afghanistan on Sky we both commented on how resilient he must be - what stamina!  Having had a successful conference he then visited by elections before flying off to Afghanistan still as fresh as a daisy, looking statesmanlike and being up to speed with his next brief.

We have come to the conclusion to be a top politician you need so many qualities including the ability, like Margaret Thatcher, to need little sleep!....oh and rhino hide!!!

There were many notable speeches and I am sure you aware of them already.  For us we really enjoyed William Hague, Phillip Hammond, Theresa May and David Cameron.  All spoke with such passion and authority.

The most difficult point I think for David Cameron was talking about his son and the NHS.  His voice broke at one point but he managed to recover - that takes courage with something which is so painful to you.

Samantha Cameron conducted herself with dignity throughout and looked amazing on the final day. What she had to contend with along with the PM was the constant, in your face, photographers. I know they have a job to do but why take so many of what is essentially the same shot?  Well we all know why when we see the papers the following day - they want some kind of slip or emotion which captured the moment and which will be quite lucrative.

Some photographers where about 3 feet from Samantha Cameron pointing their lenses at her
face - must have been really disturbing.

The atmosphere during the whole conference was really positive and upbeat - quite at odds with some
of the reporting which went on. After Cameron's speech the atmosphere in the Symphony Hall was electric and the standing
ovation went on for quite a while.

What is amazing about these events is how enjoyable they are and can be.  I am sure it must be the same for all parties. It is not only about politics but also about thought provoking issues and speakers who come from all walks of life.  One was Victoria Pendleton who talked about the importance of sport in a child's life and how it should be encouraged for all the benefits which ensue.

We heard from schoolchildren and from school leavers who had achieved great things against all odds.  Not taking the conventional university route but instead testing their arm in entrepreneurship with great success.

You also mingle with people you think you know but only because they grace your living rooms on the TV on a regular basis!!!

Apologies for quality of photos as very difficult to take in the least they weren't intrusive!

It is great particularly at our age to have a common interest and to indulge - keeps the grey cells working!!

So now its looking to the General Election which is going to be a tremendous challenge and gearing up for all the leaflet deliveries!!!