Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Curtis Stigers

As a welcome relief to politics we went to see Curtis Stigers in Guildford last night.  If you love jazz, the saxophone and the throaty husky voice of Curtis Stigers you were in for a treat.

It reminded me of going to Ronnie Scotts in my youth when similar music was played with brilliant musicians which seemed quite decadent.  The difference then was that you sat in smoke filled rooms which made it feel sleazy not that it mattered then.

CS sang many of his famous hits including "I wonder why...." and some new ones from his album.

It was a memorable occasion in a venue which worked well.  Never been to G'Live but it proved to fit the bill!

We stayed at the Mandolay in Guildford which was only a stone's throw from the concert and was very comfortable and welcoming.

We had a pre concert meal at  which we thoroughly enjoyed.. Novel only having a choice of Lobster or steak (there was one veggie option) and as their blurb says cuts down time  on decision making........lobster was great...

Came back this morning along with my signed copy of CS's CD.  My husband thought this highly amusing....he said "but you don't listen to CDs  you download"  I retorted "I will this can you sign a download?".....   :-)