Thursday, 2 October 2014

Back from Birmingham!!

Well it has been a fascinating few days.  We arrived in Birmingham on Saturday ready for the Conservative Conference start the following day.  It has been a few years since I have been to the centre of Birmingham and it certainly has seen some changes.  Now mainly pedestrianised and much easier to get around.

However we were amazed at the number of shoppers and preachers!  
There were many people representing at least 4 religions - using different forms of communication including loudhailers, leaflets, engaging in conversation, selling books. Running the gauntlet seemed quite incongruous and a contrast to the swell of customers thronging into the main Bull Ring shopping centre intent on buying the latest fashion item.  We walked around Selfridges and we were fascinated by the serious buying that was being conducted ....particularly in the shoe department.  I enviously saw a couple of pairs of Louboutins flying off the shelves.  We are not talking small money here and it was encouraging that there seemed to be considerable disposable income which was being ploughed back into the economy and can only help in sustaining our economic recovery.
my husband relishing the lobster!!! La Galleria

A disappointment we did find that there was a dearth of individual restaurants - plenty of franchises but they are so formulaic.  It was only by chance that we came across an Italian restaurant  last Monday night which had only just opened.

La Galleria is a family business and had an extensive menu which was not exclusively Italian (although that would not have been a problem). We indulged in their wonderful speciality fish courses as it was a very special birthday for my husband.  We had a lovely evening - the food and service were exceptional.

So we had four and a half days combining the Conference and a City Break ...more to follow.....