Friday, 31 October 2014

NHS - good health and longevity!

Following on from my last blog have a look at this article -

I suppose the results are obvious that looking after yourself does pay dividends in later life and possibly extend your life. No matter how much research is done and no matter how convincing the evidence you are still going to get those who will be in complete denial.

I know communicating to those who will not hear is a real challenge so in a very small way.......
Here is a suggestion.....Maybe the walls in GP's surgeries and waiting rooms in hospitals should be covered in posters on diet, fitness, calories, portion control, exercise etc. just providing simple messages and advice. At least while patients are waiting they have someting meaningful to stare at and who knows there may be some who start to take responsibility for their own excesses.Statistically  this is worth a shot.......and I don't mean just one poster but several each with actions to be taken.

Well that's my thought for the day - what thoughts do you have on helping ourselves and reducing burden on NHS?