Sunday, 26 October 2014

Help the NHS by helping ourselves!!

Last week we had lunch with friends.  One of the couples - I'll call Janet and John to save blushes - they were noticeably different as they entered the dining room.  Each has lost lost 2 stones in the last 4 months.  They actually brought this up as a topic of discussion ....and it transpired that  they had been on the 5:2 diet most commonly known as the feast : famine diet.  This is misleading as the "5 feast days" are still supposed to be sensible. Balanced food and reasonable portions. The famine days tend to be 5-600 calories.  I am not advocating any diet in particular it depends on what works for you and you may want to look at this website from NHS which summarises the various diets which are popular.

The fascinating thing about observing people who have lost weight is to register and understand the changes.  Janet who has always been v attractive is even more so now.  Her eyes have become more dominant and focus of attention.  She has accentuated her figure and appears more vital.  John was more streamlined and fit looking - more in keeping with his martial arts interests.  However the most significant thing for him was that he no longer needed statins!  If anything isn't this a fantastic recommendation for losing weight?!

For both they seemed to have had a "light bulb " moment.  They expanded on the facts to say that they realised that things had to change and that the change in food and portions must become a new way of life. Janet also said that when they calculated the alcohol units they consumed in a week they were horrified.  She went on to outline the familiar path many of us take ...a hard day .....end of...have a glass of wine...then another.....and then you become removed from reality about the number of units you have ingested.  So they have cut out booze during the week and have a glass or two at weekends.

They have decided to lose another stone and then work at maintaing this new level.

What is clear is that in this obesity crisis the NHS is facing we need to find the "light bulb" moment -for these 2- they seemed to come to the same conclusion and then supported each other.

We need to desperately tap into what ever will spark this realisation ....another friend we say about 3 months ago had lost 3 stones in weight - we were amazed and when we enquired as to why ...he said he had had his routine medical and what he heard has disturbed him enough to do something.

I really feel that gastric bands are not the answer to obesity to sustain quality life and a meaningful change in habits.  I have mentioned here 2 different examples and there are so many more reasons as to way other alternatives are preferable.

The NHS can't cope.

We need to be responsible!!  We all need to help each other and to be honest about our excesses. It can't always be everyone else's problem but recognise it is yours!