Thursday, 3 April 2014


As we get older we have hang ups just like when we were young…..just different ones……

There is this fear we will look like mutton…. the trouble is a lot of designers don't seem to cater for these potential danger areas.

I mentioned last blog that being tall has its pros and cons and as far as cons the length of dresses presents a problem.  We can just about get away with 2/3 ins above the knee but more than that can tip you into the desperate category.  Of course it also depends on the legs and how good do they really look.  2/3 ins above the knee can still look gross if the legs are meant to be hidden.  So dress appropriately.  If you have children get them to give you a critique they are usually brutally honest :)

If you are petite and not so tall your choice of age appropriate is probably more extensive.  Jane Asher is a good example of a woman who looks after herself and always looks sophisticated and attractive.

Another problem area …the arms!  I do my best to exercise but we all know ladies that firming up the stubborn fat at the back of our upper arm is very difficult.  So still not giving up on bingo wings and the toning battle your wardrobe can start to include garments which camouflage arms beautifully.  Helen Mirren has worn many wonderful gowns with long sleeves which flatter and remove the worry of scrutiny.

I indulged on our last holiday and bought a dress in the sale  for £247.50 (strange figure :) ) at Net a Porter. It covers the flesh without detracting! It was a bit of an indulgence but will last as long as me providing I don't let my weight get out of control.
When my husband has downloaded the photos from our holiday (2 months ago) will let you have a look at what it looks like on me. 

Designers are starting to wake up to providing garments with sleeves but I have yet to see an improvement on length!!