Sunday, 13 April 2014

In control - still pants!

There are times when we all feel we have indulged a little and maybe we are carrying a few extra pounds……this is when I reach for the spanx. Whether you go for just classic pants or the ones which extend down the thighs and up to bra level there is something there which can help in ironing out the offending ripples and giving the illusion of down a dress size.
I keep different pieces of spanx for every occasion - they are my insurance policy!!

At Christmas I bought a "control" underskirt from M & S which made me feel like a tightly packed cigar but it did the trick and I was able to wear a very clingy item with confidence.

Control pants are useful items in the short term and have undoubted benefits but they are not for the long term. Why?  They can feel uncomfortable and I know ….."pride must abide"…   I also find that visiting the loo can be a problem…. The relief when you remove them is real plus !!

If you are really overweight then I feel they do help but as you pull on the garment the flesh has a tendency to well up over the point where the item finishes. Its important you get the right size - or you won't be able to breathe!  Again ask assistants in department stores in lingerie on sizing otherwise you won't enjoy your outing.

 I saw a complete control "body" in the papers the other day and it must be there to avoid the problem of "welling up flesh".  If you are in this position then maybe its time to address the weight issue!! Remember the waist test in an earlier blog!  Get out the tape measure...

Stick thin Emma Watson was on the red carpet the other day and the press homed in on the fact that even she was wearing spanx.  (Who would be a celebrity) This is an occasion where spanx can become a friend, providing a firm foundation and I guess give you confidence.  She has no worries!

So make sure you have the insurance policy in your undies drawer - you never know when you might need them!

Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit