Friday, 11 April 2014

Underwear - Bra………..

No matter how beautiful and suitable your choice of clothes, you will limit the effect if you do not pay attention to the foundation.  yes we are talking about underwear! Underwear should follow the contours of your body and provide a smooth line.  If you are overweight then you have other measures you can bring into play but more of that later.

When I am in the changing room at the gym I am often appalled at the condition of under garments. Worn, off white, ill fitting and definitely not flattering.  This can't do anything for your self esteem and confidence.

No matter how old we are there is something about keeping the . essence of femininity and appeal and attractiveness.

So being aesthetically appealing is desirable, however underwear does have a functional quality .

How many of you have observed rolls of flesh encased in a clingy dress?

Double boobs making an impression through garments down to an ill fitting bra?

Nasty back fat oozing over the bra strap?

Briefs which cut into a bottom and provide the notorious VPL?

Just as with clothing research has to be done on finding our true size and the brands which suit us the most. We certainly want to eliminate the above problems as much as possible.

So starting with your bra……do you know that up to 80% of are wearing the wrong size bra?  So we need to get it right!   Whether you have a large bust or a small bust you can find a bra which provides for your own particular challenges.  Most large department stores offer a bra measurement facility e.g John Lewis, House of Fraser - so why not take advantage of this?  You will be surprised at your true size and cup size and will help to explain a lot about past problems.

Next choosing a type of bra which works for your size, the type of clothing you will be wearing and the occasion.
For a low neck dress you may require an uplift bra to give you a bit of help.  If you have a smooth say jersey dress or a fine jumper you will need a smooth form fitting bra ( a "T shirt" bra) which doesn't detract from the garment.

I tend to favour Calvin Klein available in most department stores and in own stores and often have sale items.  See link below

I also like Elle McPherson and of course Gossard for the ultimate lift - particularly the strapless one which truly stays in place and enhances rather than diminish the bust line.

I have a number of "nude" bras which obviously do not show through clothing and are the most useful.  It is however fun to experiment and have some more racier numbers every now and then :)

If you are unsure then ask an adviser in the bra departments who will be more than helpful in finding a style which fits the bill.

Heres one I love …a Calvin Klein front fastening bra with straps  attached together at the back so that they don't fall down your arms!!  This seems to happen to me often - must have sloping shoulders :)

So what are you waiting for?  :)

next blog - pants and ….more heavy duty gear….