Friday, 11 April 2014

Its Pants!!

There's such a choice of pants but which one….classic brief, thong, bikini, hipster,boy shorts, high cut -  decisions, decisions….

I do believe that many women get dressed and scrutinise the front view but rarely look at the back. The wrong choice of knicker can lead to the pants being the focus of attention instead of the outer garment. Trying to achieve the smooth contour can be challenging.  Some claim that the article will not provide or at least minimise VPL not always the case - it is a matter of trial and error and finding out which provides the answer.

If you have a flabby tum or bottom the elasticated edges will dig in to the flesh and cause the ripple effect in these areas. Having a range of pants which suit specific articles  of clothing really is the answer.  Thongs are frowned upon by many but I would argue that they are essential in tight fitting trousers or skirts.  Not the most comfortable brief in the world but then pride must abide.  Don't be put off by thinking these items are "too young for you" that is complete nonsense - you are using your knowledge and expertise to ensure the correct look!!  There are no age barriers!

As with bras Lingerie departments in large stores will help you choose and suggest brands which may be suitable.

You can buy on line from many lingerie sites which stock most brands… check this one out - here is the link and their illustration of different types of briefs as discussed above.

In the main I buy Calvin Klein matching briefs to their bras.  They usually offer a skimpy pair and one I would call more sensible! I also buy cotton briefs from Marks & Spencer - more comfortable for gym visits.


Shorts, also known as shorties,boy shorts or boxers are a flattering style for curvy girls and very fashionable at the moment. Starting lower on the hip and finishing lower on the leg they’re great for minimising VPL.

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Traditional ladies’ briefs orknickers are comfy classics you can’t go wrong with. These briefs come up higher on the waist than shorties and can be high-leg or medium-leg.

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Unlike full-coverage briefs, thongstaper to a string at the back, making them perfect for avoiding VPL when wearing close fitting trousers or dresses.

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Full Briefs

Full briefs come up higher on the waist and are usually low cut on the leg as well. Maxi briefs or ‘big knickers’ are making a comeback at the moment so did out those old-faithfuls or treat yourself to some new ones!

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Other sites I have used for underwear…….

next blog …control underwear including pants :)