Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Sloth!

Well its been an easy kind of a day!  My intent of being "summer ready" started at 8.30 this morning at the gym.  I spent an hour on cross trainer and low level bike.  I always feel so much better after I have done it!  Tomorrow I will do mainly weights to help with toning , muscles and strengthening bones.  Never ends does it?  

I got back home around 10.30 time for coffee with my husband.  The weather here in the south has been pretty mixed and there has been a constant threat of I dodged the showers and mowed front and back lawns before preparing lunch.
Still watching the calories - stir fry chicken, courgettes, onion and carrot.

After lunch it has been wall to wall football.  My husband is a Manchester City fan and I decided to watch the matches with him as each one had a bearing on Man City"s success in getting to top of league. ......what am I talking about?!  It is a question of if you can't beat them join them. Anyway worked out well with convincing win against Crystal Palace!  So happy partner!  Thats what I call a result!