Wednesday, 9 April 2014

more clothes!!!

I promised a photo of me wearing the Temperley dress to see what it looks like on - it is very comfortable and covers arms and a few other problem areas!!…..and its different!

Another plus for this dress is that is that it doesn't crease and is easy to pack as is another dress I want to mention.  This is by LK Bennett - I must have had this for about 3 years and it goes everywhere with me as again it doesn't crease and it covers arms and is very flattering and is a comfortable knee length. You can also wash by hand and drip dry! A real bonus when you consider the cost of dry cleaning. I think it cost about £180 but have seen it since in the sale. 

I always have a look at what is on offer in LK Bennett as I have never yet been disappointed.

One of the problems I find with clothing is how much the sizes vary from designer to designer and country to country and the "read across" is not always so accurate.  So it is very important to know your size in say UK, US, France, Italy and then always try on!! Don't be tempted to think that yes this is my size only to be disappointed when you get home.  Buying on line does give you the opportunity to try on and you can return . I have a friend who squeezes herself into what she regards as her size but she is at least one size up and unfortunately it can spoil the image.  Just because you can actually pull up the zip doesn't always mean its your size!!

I read somewhere that the reason the French women look so chic is that they buy a size bigger than they are……not sure this is the answer…….

Remember my comments about trying to give an impression of eight for someone shorter in stature?  I suggested not wearing separates which cut you at the waist and reduce your height?  Well have at look at this link….Heidi Klum and Mel B.  Of course HK is tall and slim but this is accentuated by the slinky dress she is wearing.  Mel B although she has a great figure has chosen a fussy top and skirt which does not do her justice.  If she had worn a dress which followed through as HK's it would have provided a better image.  What do you think??

Whatever your age you need to understand yourself, the improvements you can make and the clothes which suit.  The more research you do and time spent finding the real you will increase your self esteem and confidence.  Worth the investment!