Friday, 19 September 2014

Gardening help!

This time of year means sorting out jobs ready for the winter, If you have a garden no matter how big or small you know there are essential maintenance tasks to do. I know friends and relatives see this process as a mega imposition on their free time for me I just see it as preparation for the good things which come out of it! I also feel there us the added bonus of exercise and extra calories burned!

Some jobs in the garden can be onerous especially.......cutting hedges and foliage  - can be a challenge. In the past I have had hedge cutters which haven't been effective or efficient. They frequently jammed and the battery life on the cordless models was extremely limited. I wasted more time trying to solve problems leading to great frustration,

So with caution I ventured into research into latest hedge cutters and found several in Amazon which were well recommended in the feedback comments - I went for this Bosch which has proved to be absolutely superb - some challenging tasks take no time at all.  Mine is robust has a long battery life and is able to cope with just about everything I throw at it! Why did I wait so long to try again!!

The other gardening labour saving device is this flexible hose ,,,,,my friends laugh at my preoccupation with things they would regard me as viewing mundane ......little do they know! Ihave always been frustrated with our normal hose - watering takes far longer , the hose keeps "kinking" cutting off water supply and I find myself running backwards and forwards trying to remedy the problem. We saw an advert on TV about a flexible hose which resolved all the problems I have encountered - too good to be true - no! Does what us says on the box!!

We bought ours from Robert Dyas but am sure other outlets stock this. Why make life harder for yourself?