Monday, 15 September 2014

Teeth Matters

I was driving home last Friday and listening to LBC radio.  A Harley Street dentist was being interviewed - Dr Steve Sharma.   It proved to be a very entertaining and informative session.  There was also a phone in and it was fascinating to hear the problems people have with their teeth.  He was very frank about taking care of your teeth and how some neglect their teeth over many years.  The upside to this was that he stressed that no matter how guilty you feel about the neglect you still should go to a dentist who will agree a plan with you.

One thing I still find incredible is that some do not clean their teeth.  I can't imagine how they must feel on a daily basis with remnants of food between teeth and the build up of plaque.

Dr Sharma also mentioned that visiting a dentist is not only about the teeth but also about examination of the soft tissue in the mouth, under the tongue etc. to make sure nothing sinister is happening.

Surely from a health point of view taking care of your teeth is essential - even doing the basics would be beneficial.

Dr Sharma also outlined some of the most recent research on tackling bone loss, implants, veneers and so on - this certainly gave that the impression that there is hope for those who have more extreme conditions.

I can't emphasise enough how important it is to have regular checkups with your dentist and to visit a hygienist. I have to give my dentist a mention Mr Mistry in Borehamwood  who has looked after my teeth and my family's teeth over many years and has done a brilliant job.

I have dental insurance which keeps costs down.  I know some will say they can't afford to go to a dentist and can't find an NHS dentist but I would argue it is a matter of priorities.  Some will spend money on facials, massages, spas -  surely attending to your teeth is one of the best beauty treatments you can have.

What is surprising is that many people on TV who can afford to have the best treatment fail to pay attention to their teeth.  If you are in the communication business in all of its guises you must be conscious of what others are seeing.  There are a number of politicians and celebs who should really take note - as it is a real turn off when you see dirty teeth.  I know some are smokers and the staining is very noticeable particularly on HD TV!

A healthy mouth and a nice smile will give you a confidence boost, can make you look more attractive and hopefully make you look younger  and will help you smile more!