Sunday, 14 September 2014

Image and Grooming at 60!!

I noticed from the age of 50 that my skin tone was changing and my once very dark brown  hair  (which I was maintaining) no longer seemed to sit comfortably with my palour!  So overtime I have had my hair streaked with highlights and lowlights until it sort of gave me a kind of equilibrium. 

I know this takes time but it isn't too onerous. It's a small price to pay to  remain attractive and part of the human race! I have mentioned in a previous post that when I was working as a  management consultant and providing advice to decision makers,  we placed great store on image and grooming. Why does this matter? Well it is all about perception. The way you look provide clues as to what you are all about. Some would say - well that's not fair - maybe not but realistically that's the way things are. Look at the politicians they are wakening up to the power of the right image for credibility. With a general election on the horizon - have a look at the efforts which are being made!!! 

When you reach your senior years you suddenly find that you can become invisible. Your once vital opinion may not be sought as your age......maybe it isn't so valuable? ! 

You find that many topical items don't include you anymore.......your age group is not regarded as important - surveys, fashion, jobs........

I would argue that we do matter, that we have a wealth of experience and wisdom. However to remain relevant we must play our part in changing perceptions of the elderly and be aware of our own PR.

 Some talk themselves old, they don't take care of themselves, pay less attention to how they look, neglect cleanliness and grooming......... They also rule themselves out of many interests and activities which are well within their grasp.

However going back to my starting point of  paying attention to my hair.........
last week this article appeared on whether or not to go grey. .......

Have a read and let me know what you think!!

I know which image is appealing to me! This is only one aspect of getting old my opinion  ....I think men as well as women benefit from a little enhancement in the dye department. More difficult for men to achieve a natural look but so many new products are available to quieten the glow of snowy hair.

You may say well I can't be bothered and of course this is your prerogative .......but be aware of the possible consequences..........

Tomorrow I am returning to my real bugbear.......... yucky teeth!!