Saturday, 13 September 2014

Healthy Weight....

Getting older means increased maintenance....tedious but necessary!  If we have looked after our bodies along the way then we hope we have gained some credits! I don't know about you but certainly my conversations with my 60 ish friends and relatives often revolve around ailments and operations and we compare notes.

We look for advice from people we regard as the experts and in my book we look to them as role models.  I have mentioned this before when I had a routine medical overseen by an obese nurse. The consultation had an almost facial quality about it as she provided information on weight, blood pressure and the dangers of a poor diet..........  all good stuff but seemed to have been wasted on her.

This week there was an article in the Mail on this very subject - some medics had decided to take their own advice and lose considerable amounts of weight whilst the last one featured decided not to heed the dangers and his image to patients.

Have a read on the link below and see what you think!

 One fact really disturbed me in this article ...that a recent study revealed that 700,000 people that is half of all NHS staff are overweight or obese!!