Thursday, 11 September 2014

Importance of being Earnest

We went to see the Importance of being Earnest at the Harold Pinter Theatre yesterday and we were enthralled.  The distinguished cast provided a humorous well acted production.  The great thing is that they all seemed to be enjoying the occasion as much as the audience. Always a good sign!! 

Sian Phillips at the age of 81 was as vital as ever as Lady Bracknell; Martin Jarvis as John Worthing was convincing as his much younger character! ....and Cherie Lunghi was as vivacious as ever.

All the other actors were equally superb  - but I have to give a special mention for Nigel Havers.....quite delicious and elegant and fell into the role of the roguish Algernon so easily. My husband was amused at my intense interest and said well I suppose he is in your age category...... :) Ouch!

The Harold Pinter Theatre is a venue we don't go to so often which is puzzling considering the number of times we go to the theatre. It was formally the Comedy Theatre and we reminisced about attending this same play here many years ago now.  We remembered the main actors were Martin Shaw and the beautiful late Kate O'Mara. It was memorable for seeing them and also because it was an incredibly hot day and with no air conditioning - we all spilled out onto the pavement at the interval to swallow huge quantities of water.........remember summers like that?