Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Late, Great Joan Rivers!

So sad the passing of Joan Rivers. She was so talented, funny and irreverent  - so  rare these days. What is also remarkable about her, which has become clear over the past few days, is what a trooper the woman was. She experienced the highs and lows of her personal life and career and met all with great resilience.
In her private life her husband committed suicide but she had the support of her daughter and grandson. She lost her money twice as her style and humour was either in vogue ....or not. She wasn't one to wallow in misfortune and fought back. At the grand age of 81 she was still working and enjoying it. When asked whether she was going to retire  she retorted by asking why she would do that as what else would she do! She had a vitality and quick witted ness  which set her part from many of her generation. 

She was quite self deprecating and openly admitted to have "procedures" which became an avenue of material for show. She was the epitomy of old school charm and glamour which was reflected in her style and in her home.
I will miss Fashion Police and her comments on the red carpet events.  She had the confidence and chutzpah to actually articulate what many of us were thinking.

Age was no barrier to her ........when asked when she found time to sleep she reportedly said that she would have plenty of time for that when she was dead. So at least she achieved a great deal in life and left her  distinctive mark. Lessons for us all!