Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Junk Mail and Nuisance Calls!!

When I reached the age of 50 I started getting junk mail, mainly catalogues illustrating sensible nighties - you know the ones I mean? The ones  which are long with a little collar and 3 buttons .....and at an exorbitant price! I also got many leaflets showing the benefits of stair lifts and.....others on sheltered housing!

So what or who triggers this - someone is selling or  giving targeted information. I now post mail back "return to sender"

Cold calls are also on the increase even though we have telephone preference service! Maybe knowing we are retired they target 12, 2 and 4. We are getting to the stage where we will just let calls go to voicemail.

Yesterday I had one who said ...."do you have problems with mobility?"  I said "why" she cheekily said "just asking" .........

What is surprising and also insulting is that they assume people in a certain age group are all infirm or certainly past it! The grey vote has disposable income and some considerable. Next April access to pensions funds will be made so much easier. Marketing companies should think about targeting enjoyment  and leisure activities. Longevity is increasing - 50s 60s 70s 80s and beyond are  not how they used to be and can give youngsters a run for their money!  Many are pursing activities our parents would never have dreamed of doing!

In the meantime we have to still put up with the junk mail ......our postman says it helps to keep him in a job - and the nuisance calls. These methods must work otherwise they wouldn't do it.... .....